We are a purposed-based company that puts people and planet first.

At Krause+, we know people are greatly influenced by their environments, and good environments promote positive growth. We believe by creating environments that nurture positive human connections, they will foster vibrant communities.

The reasoning behind the Krause+ name is simple: It’s the beginning of a formula. On its own, the brand is only part of the equation for what it takes to bring real estate projects to life.

Krause Gateway Center staircase

Our vision is a world where everyone can live healthier and happier lives. We make this happen through:



We meet the present’s needs without jeopardizing our future — reusing 75% of building materials during 2020 development.



We imbue new vitality into our environments — restoring buildings like 1420 and 1430 Locust to their historical charm while modernizing them for the future.



We create environments to make everyone feel welcome and at home — seeking local and unique tenants instead of national chains.



We’re working collectively with others to spread positive changes throughout our communities — gathering tenant feedback, getting involved on local boards, and engaging with community leaders.



The decisions we’re making today will last for generations to come — improving tenant safety, preventing waste, and reducing water and energy consumption.


Purpose, people, the planet, and philanthropy drive every decision we make. These four pillars harness our values into real-world actions and guide our operating philosophy.


We own and operate 198 residential rental units in Des Moines.


With over 1,000,000 SF of commercial and retail properties, we’re also one of the largest landowners in Des Moines.


We have plans to develop over 2,000,000 SF of real estate over the next 10 years.


Sometimes life gets hard and we’re there for our tenants when it does. In May 2020 we relieved $124,000 of residential rent due to COVID-19.


We reused 75% of building materials during development in 2020.


We’ve set a goal for 30% of supplier partners to be businesses with diverse ownership or existing diversity initiatives by 2025.


We’ve set a goal for a cumulative 10% reduction in water and energy consumption across all properties by 2025.

Team & leadership
Kyle Krause and Renzo Piano

“At Krause+ we take an inter-generational approach to development. Our goal is to ensure the long-term sustainability of projects that seek to activate and enhance public spaces for our community.”

Kyle KrauseChairman and CEO, Krause Group
Nate Easter

Nate Easter

Director of Development

Evan Reiman

Evan Reiman

Real Estate Manager

Gaby Shepard

Gaby Shepard

Real Estate Analyst

Kate Mullinex

Kate Mullinex

Area Property Manager

Aaron Gebauer

Aaron Gebauer

Property Manager

Bill Crist

Bill Crist

Property Manager

Marie Ott

Marie Ott

Finance Director

Logan Scott

Logan Scott

Accounting Manager

Emily Hanna

Emily Hanna

Property Accountant

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